Bubba Hullabaloo!

The photo that traumatized untold vanilla bean heads with cognitive dissonance. “Wait…he’s for Black Lives Matter, BUT he’s donning an American flag, BUT it’s a mask so it supports the Plandemic, BUT his hand is over his heart during the anthem AND he’s standing. WHAT THE F*** AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS?!?”

See, What Had Happened Was…

It’s just dust in my eyes.


Giving hope to nasally-sounding nerds across America, yours truly included
Because joking about racism is HILARIOUS!

The Obvious Questions for the Oblivious

Question 1. How can you say this ISN’T a noose?

This “official” noose can’t wait to meet its long-lost twin in Garage 4 at Talladega!

2. Are Jews cool with you painting swastikas on your fingernails?

3. Are Jews cool with you taking toothpicks and gluing them into swastikas?

4. Why Do We Ignore Key Details to Single Out Bubba?

5. Why Engage in Hypocritical Character Attacks?

Ben Shapiro followers call P.K. Subban “thug,” question his character after he becomes first person to ever fight in a hockey game

6. Why Can’t This Have Been a Mistake?

The hot new meme that is REALLY deflating the esteem of those 15 white guys trailing Wallace in the points series.




Satirist — Ideator — Creative — Politico — Hip Hop Enthusiast— Attorney

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Chris Worden

Chris Worden

Satirist — Ideator — Creative — Politico — Hip Hop Enthusiast— Attorney

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