Wisdom we extol without ever wondering if Hitler, Stalin, and that Tiger King guy received it, too.

The photo that traumatized untold vanilla bean heads with cognitive dissonance. “Wait…he’s for Black Lives Matter, BUT he’s donning an American flag, BUT it’s a mask so it supports the Plandemic, BUT his hand is over his heart during the anthem AND he’s standing. WHAT THE F*** AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS?!?”

Did the Selective Historian We Neither Need Nor Deserve Just Sell Me on Reparations for Black America?

To the Back of the Line!

Costco and Sam’s Club members know well the worst part of every shopping outing — the interminable queue to actually leave the damn store. One disgruntled employee bottlenecks the exit to catch a peek at your receipt and scan one of your items.

Chris Worden

Satirist — Ideator — Creative — Politico — Hip Hop Enthusiast— Attorney

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